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Pm Skerrit Calls On Citizens To Not Let Down Guards During Festive Season

Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, says Dominicans should not let down their guards when it comes to the covid-19 virus.

Prime Minister Skerrit says people may get comfortable now that Dominica only has twelve active cases.

The nation's leader explained that Dominica is still battling with the issue of illegal entry which makes the chances for increased covid-19 cases. Prime Minister Skerrit called on individuals to continue to follow the protocols and guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment to keep covid-19 out of Dominica.

"There are always risks in these things. No system is perfect and we also have the illegal entry into our country and you never know. Some countries in the Caribbean have been able to identify cases that they have had as a result of those activities, and the same thing could be the case here in Dominica. And this why we have to adhere to the protocols and to the guidelines," Honourable Skerrit stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit says adhering to the protocols and guidelines of the ministry of health is even more important during the carnival season.

"Especially as we are coming up to the Carnival season, we know for many people you better kill them and leave Carnival alone. It speaks to the seriousness that many people have towards Carnival. But not having Carnival activities this year won't kill anybody, and not having this kind of activities will help minimize the potential risk of us spreading covid-19 in Dominica. There are sister countries who have a huge challenge and we emphasize with them and we need to continue to take all the measures that we need to take, not only from the Ministry of Health standpoint but form the standpoint of every resident and citizen of this country," the Prime Minister noted.

Prime Minister Skerrit says activities with large gatherings should be a concern to all as these activities may encourage the spread of covid-19.

"This is why the festive activities are a concern to all of us, and this is why we are asking people to minimize your exposure to this type of activities to safeguard yourself, your family, and of course to safeguard your country," the Prime Minister added.

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