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Policing Through Technology

A drone hovering off the groundThe Dominica Police Force maintaining and sustaining a level of essential facilities, including police stations and communication network, technology driven skills/equipment and material resources that can significantly contribute to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services in all areas of activities and to contain/reduce the incidence of crime on a national scale at all times.

Technology Requirements

It is absolutely necessary to have all Police Stations well equipped with up to date, or at least, functioning communication equipment.  This is a period in which civilians are able to acquire sophisticated communication equipment in the commission of crime.  The Police Force requires the communication strength to keep ahead of criminals.  Reliable communication is necessary to deal with situations during periods of crisis and emergency. It is essential for each police station to be equipped with a computer system which is linked to central main frame for easy access to information to meet stated objectives. There is need therefore to provide the Telecom Unit which maintains electronic and electrical facilities of the Force with adequately trained personnel on a  career path, with essential tools and equipment.  There is also need for a repeater system in the most suitable location to provide the communication range to facilitate policing activities at all police stations.

There is also the urgent need for the establishment of a forensic laboratory to deal with the ever-increasing drug scourge and investigations of serious criminal matters.  It will assist the Police Force with the investigation of drug cases, thus allowing apprehension and prosecution of drug traffickers and users to make the trade increasingly unprofitable and those criminal matters of a serious nature, including suspicious.

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