Goverment Commissions Maria Moise Health And Wellness Centre

It was an elated Nurse Maria Moise who cut the ribbon to officially open the new Health and Wellness Centre in Bellevue Chopin, named in her honour, on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

The Maria Moise Health and Wellness Centre is the latest in a series of new primary health care facilities to be officially commissioned and opened to the public. In an aim to provide easy access to health services for all sections of the community from the most vulnerable upwards, the Government has constructed twelve health and wellness centres through funding from the Citizenship By Investment Programme.

Montreal Management Consultants Establishment (MMCE) partnered with Government in the construction of these facilities. Falling in line with the Government’s plan to build a resilient nation, the Maria Moise Health and Wellness Centre is a reinforced concrete structure with impact resistant windows. It contains two examination rooms, doctor’s and nurse’s offices, two clinics, pharmacy and residential accommodation for medical staff.

Nurse Maria Moise known to those in her community as Teacher Maria served several communities throughout her long career to include Petite Savanne, Bagatelle, Grand Bay, Tete Morne and Bellevue Chopin. As a midwife Nurse Moise was known to respond to calls in the dark and wee morning hours, traversing through rivers or ravines. Many times, only with the assistance of a bouzai or flashlight, she conducted home deliveries caring for patients with both ante-partum as well as post-partum hemorrhage, with positive outcomes.

Nurse Moise retired from the public service in 2016, however she continues to provide nursing services through contractual employment.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit commended Nurse Moise for her service. Prime Minister Skerrit was particularly impressed with her dedication and commitment post Tropical Storm Erika in 2015. Prime Minister Skerrit called on Dominicans to be grateful for the high level of development that is taking place across the nation.

“We must not see the glass as half empty, we must see it as half full, because that is a sign gratitude,” PM Skerrit Stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit further noted that the construction of new health facilities is not the end of Government’s investment in health.

"My hope, my vision and my prayer is to get us to a point where we do not have to go overseas for health- care,” PM Skerrit said.

Parliamentary Representative for the Petite Savanne Constituency Hon. Dr. Kenneth Darroux is pleased with the commissioning of the new health facility. He described it as a significant milestone in honouring his commitment to his constituents.

“We were not only building homes, but indeed an entire community, and a safe and functioning health facility should of course be an integral part of any community,” Dr. Darroux stated.

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre called on the people of Bellevue Chopin to recognize the importance of this new health and wellness centre.

“Today is another great day for you the people of Bellevue Chopin. This is all part of the bigger picture that the Ministry for Health and the Government of Dominica has for health as regards to decentralizing health- care, making health available to everyone, everywhere,” Dr. McIntyre stated.

Geothermal Plant For Dominica By 2022

Citizens of Dominica will soon reap the benefits of a new geothermal plant expected to be constructed in 2022.

This forms part of the Government’s goal of building a climate resilient nation, while seeking to reduce the cost of electricity for consumers and provide electricity to the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique which in turn will encourage foreign exchange

The plant will be constructed in the Roseau Valley and is expected to produce approximately 120 megawatts of electricity when completed.

Ambassador to the OAS, His Excellency Dr. Vince Henderson stated that over 25 million dollars have been invested in this project to date. He explained that the Prime Minister has provided some of these funds through the CBI programme while the rest will come from donor agencies.

“So what we have actually sent is probably 5 million US from local funds from the inflows of the CBI to finance the geothermal project. So we have put in 5 million US for the acquisition of lands for the operation of the geothermal company; and we would expect the rest of the funds for the actual project will come from our partners who will be bringing in about 25 million dollars in equity and the balance of the funds we will get from lenders such as the World Bank; we will use the grants from the UK that is fund we have been able to secure,” Dr. Henderson stated.

Dr. Henderson listed some of the benefits of the plant noting that “geothermal energy can operate with zero emissions, can serve as a power board, and it is really the only way that Dominica can transition in a very efficient way from diesel generation to renewable energy. for benefits to citizens and consumers you will see a reduction in tariffs and what we know for a fact is that it will cost us about half of what it costs DOMLEC to produce energy using generators,” the Ambassador explained.

Dr. Henderson went on to say that the Government is also looking at ways to sell energy to French territories in the region

“We need a partner. We need to get to the exports and this is one of the reasons why we have engaged in negotiations with a consortium of French companies to develop the domestic plant but also to move quickly to export. Because we have a great opportunity here to secure royalties from the sale of power from geothermal to French territories” he added.

To accomplish this mission, Government has several development partners assisting financially. These include organizations such as the World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, Small Island Developing States- SIDS Dock and the Clinton Foundation among others.

Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout Begins

The Government of Dominica through the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment has begun the implementation of the covid-19 vaccine rollout.

On Tuesday, February 8th 2021, Dominica received 70,000 doses of the AstraZeneca from the Government of India in a bid to build immunity against the disease.

The vaccine implementation is the next phase in prevention measures and combating the disease.

Beginning today, Monday February 22nd 2021 will commence vaccination of identified priority target groups at the seven health districts.

The vaccine will be administered at the Roseau Health Centre, the Grand Bay Health Centre, the St. Joseph Health Centre, the Castle Bruce Health Centre, the Wesley Health Centre, and the Portsmouth Health Centre.

The vaccines will primarily be given to persons in identified groups, namely health care workers, frontline workers such as immigration officers, custom officers, Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority employees, airport taxi operators, fire officers, police officers, persons with comorbid conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and persons 65 years and older.

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre encouraged citizens to make themselves for the vaccine.

“Everyone goes through 15 minutes of observation after the vaccine and I feel good now. And I feel good because this I the beginning of better things to come in terms of our fight against covid-19. I am encouraging the entire population that they should look into it. They can do their little investigations. They can verify their queries, do their little research because it is a voluntary vaccine. But we still want everyone to participate in our vaccination programme,” Dr. McIntyre stated.

President Savarin Charles Savarin received the first dose on Friday, February 12 2021 along with First Lady, Mrs. Clara Savarin. Other Dominican officials, including the. Dr. Irving McIntyre, Parliament Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Hon. Kent Edwards, and Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon. Joseph Isaac also took the vaccine

Pm Skerrit Calls On Citizens To Not Let Down Guards During Festive Season

Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, says Dominicans should not let down their guards when it comes to the covid-19 virus.

Prime Minister Skerrit says people may get comfortable now that Dominica only has twelve active cases.

The nation’s leader explained that Dominica is still battling with the issue of illegal entry which makes the chances for increased covid-19 cases.
Prime Minister Skerrit called on individuals to continue to follow the protocols and guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment to keep covid-19 out of Dominica.

“There are always risks in these things. No system is perfect and we also have the illegal entry into our country and you never know. Some countries in the Caribbean have been able to identify cases that they have had as a result of those activities, and the same thing could be the case here in Dominica. And this why we have to adhere to the protocols and to the guidelines,” Honourable Skerrit stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit says adhering to the protocols and guidelines of the ministry of health is even more important during the carnival season.

“Especially as we are coming up to the Carnival season, we know for many people you better kill them and leave Carnival alone. It speaks to the seriousness that many people have towards Carnival. But not having Carnival activities this year won’t kill anybody, and not having this kind of activities will help minimize the potential risk of us spreading covid-19 in Dominica. There are sister countries who have a huge challenge and we emphasize with them and we need to continue to take all the measures that we need to take, not only from the Ministry of Health standpoint but form the standpoint of every resident and citizen of this country,” the Prime Minister noted.  

Prime Minister Skerrit says activities with large gatherings should be a concern to all as these activities may encourage the spread of covid-19.

“This is why the festive activities are a concern to all of us, and this is why we are asking people to minimize your exposure to this type of activities to safeguard yourself, your family, and of course to safeguard your country,” the Prime Minister added.