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Illegal Entry Plays Significant Role in the Increase of COVID-19 Cases in Dominica

According to the Minister for Health, Dr. Irving McIntyre, Illegal entry into the Commonwealth of Dominica plays a critical role in the increase of COVID-19 cases.

The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force advised persons to refrain from the illegal exit and entry into the island.

"For one, the illegal entry persons, they don't know their status, their relatives and friends don't know their status, and we [Ministry of Health] do not know their status. And then an illegal entry person is more likely to be socializing and in mass gatherings because they've been out for some time, they come home so the whole attitude of getting together with friends and relatives is definitely more than someone who has been here."

"And the mere fact we do not know their status, that does play a significant role in the sense that when we don't know, they don't know, so people are intermingling and if we don't know and transmission takes place, that is a problem for us," Minister for Health, Dr. Irving McIntyre said.

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