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Crime Prevention and Safety

Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses

  • Keep cash levels low
  • Pay workers by cheque or direct credit
  • Position the cash register away from the front door.
  • Lock the cash drawer and remove the key when not in use.„
  • Clear excess cash from the register often and randomly and not in front of customers

To reduce fraud

  • Know Your Employees
  • Make Employees
  • Aware/Set Up Reporting System
  • Monitor Vacation Balances
  • Hire Trustworthy Experts

Control measures to minimise transporting cash risks

  • Assign more than one well-trained person to the task.
  • Vary the route and time of day when the person goes to the bank so movements cannot be predicted
  • Avoid using quiet streets and alleyways
  • Only make the journey when other people will be around.
  • Where possible travel by vehicle rather than on foot or public transport.
  • Wear plain clothing rather than a uniform to be less conspicuous
  • Tell the bank the expected arrival time and another person the expected return time.

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