Special Service Unit (SSU)

Provision of special services to ensure official personal security and maintenance of law and order

Operational Objectives

To ensure the availability of a specially trained and equipped police service that is  ready and prepared to provide official personnel security, and control of all situations and gatherings that are potential threats to civil order.

The  Special  Service Unit  (SSU)  was  born  out  of  a  need  to  provide a higher level of paramilitary service to the public.  It does so by endeavouring to establish and maintain an effective management system and proper utilization of resources to impact positively on the situations of internal security to ensure the Nation of peace and tranquility at all times.

 The  work  of the SSU is therefore very important and must always be critically evaluated in terms of the adequacy of resources both in technology and will.  The functions of the SSU includes protecting civil rights, substantially reducing foreign and domestic illegal drug sources of supply, effectively disrupting the importation, trafficking and possession of illegal firearms and communications in the State, deterring and/or quelling civil disturbances, assisting in the management and mitigation of disasters, among others.  These are all highly serous functions which bear on the survival of the State.